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Upcoming Events 

For information contact Gray Southon, em [email protected], Ph 07 578711907 5787119, Mb 0211 020 9770211 020 977

We are planning

·       Participation in the local Multicultural Festival on the 3rd March

·       The AGM for the 30th March, with the National President and possible some members of the Youth Delegation for the recent COP conference

·       A Speech Awards event on the 3rd April

·       A senior high school event for June this year in the City Council Chamber on the topic of Nuclear Disarmament, with the expectation that a second senior event will be required later.


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Tauranga News and Reports



 NC4 Report - February 2011


Our Lecture series in November 2010 commenced will with a brilliant talk on the 10th by Ian MacLean, a specialist in de-mining techniques who had applied science to using dogs to detect mines. He presented an engaging talk from considerable experience within UN programs, and used a live demonstration. Unfortunately Roslyn Noonan, the NZ Human Rights Commissioner, could not talk on the 17th, so instead we had Jeremy Pope, one of the other HR Commissioners. Jeremy spoke from his very practical experience in negotiating Human Rights issues in a variety of countries. He presented interesting insights into the politics of Human Rights. The last talk had to be cancelled as the Indian High Commission was not able to send a speaker.

Two youth events were held over the holidays, one just to talk informally about the future, and the other to plan for youth activities for the year, as part of the branch as well as independent initiatives. Chennoah Walford and Lucas Davies have joined the executive, replacing Miles Jones and Ashton Scott who have moved on to University.

2011 Branch program commenced on the 4th February with a joint meeting with the local Labour Party Branch. Phil Twyford first joined a group of youth in an informal chat over a barbecue, and then spoke to a public meeting. He related his experiences in working with the UN as Oxfam campaign director, describing some of the surprising anomalies of the UN bureaucracy. There were major problems with the UN which had to be addressed, and he felt that NZ had a contribution to make in improving it.

We look forward to a busy year with strong youth involvement supported by UN Youth NZ.


Branch President Gray Southon 




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