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Humanitarian Affairs focuses on humanitarian operations around the world working to administer aid to the people who need it the most. Humanitarian Affairs, and in particular the Millennium Development Goals (MDG's), are an important sector of the United Nations work.


The United Nations Association of New Zealand recognises the importance of the MDG's, and is committed to educating New Zealanders on the importance of these goals and encourage individuals to do what they can to make poverty history.


On this page you will find information about what New Zealanders can do to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals, what other NGOs and individuals are doing around the world to promote change and development, and current events and news about events related to humanitarian affairs.









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Special Officer for Humanitarian Affairs


Jean-Paul Bizoza, Auckland




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UN Agencies for Humanitarian Affairs


► United Nations Humanitarian Affairs Agencies

► UN GA Third Committee: Social, Humanitarian, & Cultural

► The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

► UN Economic and Social Council


► Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees

► UN Humanitarian Assistance, and Assistance to Refugees

► United Nations Department of Humanitarian Affairs

► United Nations Development Program - Crisis Prevention and Recovery

► World Food Program




UN Recruitment for Humanitarian Affairs

► OCHA Recruitment

► UN Volunteers

► UNICEF Employment

► UN Development Program Jobs





New Zealand Organizations for Humanitarian Affairs

► New Zealand Aid Programme







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Report to the UNANZ National Council in February 2013

The following is a compilation of completed and future projects for UNANZ Humanitarian Affairs since late 2012. Please do not hesitate to contact me if additional projects and goals are required to meet the National Committee’s objectives and goals.
Completed Projects:
Public Affairs Outreach:
Pecha Kucha Presentations by Mikaël Gartner in Auckland and Wellington on personal experiences at the Haiti UN INSARAG Urban Search and Rescue Response: “Lessons from the Deeply Entombed.”
Graham Hassall to present at Pecha Kucha Night in Wellington (expected June) to promote the work of UNANZ.
Internal Outreach: Update to UNANZ members on the Hurricane Evan Disaster in Samoa, with information on how to donate to NGOs
Current Projects:
Writing a letter to NZ Fire and MFAT in support of UN INSARAG classification as a Heavy Urban Search and Rescue Team.
Meeting with Red Cross Refugee Services in Christchurch in early February to review the organisation’s transition from being Government run. Will also discuss how UNANZ can support this.
Continuous monitoring of GDACS, IRIN, and other disaster alert networks for disasters in the Asia Pacific Region. In the instance of a disaster, situation reports are reviewed and NGO organisations are contacted to verify how UNANZ members can assist (usually donations)
Review of UN OCHA, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNDP and the World Food Program for Conventions and Recommendations; and verifying New Zealand position.
Goals for 2013:

Using Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) to increase visibility of UNANZ to youth, chapters, Government, and NGO organisations.

Find Point of Contact and Develop working Relationship with the following:

- Government Organizations: MFAT, NZAID

- NGOs: Oxfam, Red Cross, Refugee Services, RedR, CID and UNWomen.

- Outreach:

- Coordinate presentation at TedEx

- Coordinate outreach presentations to Schools & Universities

- Presentation at a minimum of 2 UNANZ chapters on a Humanitarian Affairs Issues (coordinate with Pecha Kucha and invite members).

- Contacting New Zealand Universities and promoting Internships at various UN Humanitarian related agencies. (Created a poster handout and forward to University Career centers, post on UNANZ website).

- Development of 1 position paper for UNANZ to forward to NZ Government.





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The United Nations Millennium Declaration

The UN Millennium Declaration, signed in September 2000, established the Millenium development goals. The goals seek to comprehensively address a range of manifestations of poverty by 2015.

Following the lead of the UN in this important initiative, The United Nations Association of New Zealand is committed to educating New Zealanders on the importance of these goals and encourage individuals to do what they can to make poverty history.

We also advocate for, and support, Governemental action toward the realisation of the goals.

For more information on what the MDG's are, their history, and UN efforts to acheive them, please take a look at the United Nations Website.