Organisation Structure

Read our Handbook on the United Nations Association of New Zealand (pdf 1.2MB - as of October 2017), which is of interest to anyone wanting to find out about our structure, governance, activities and achievements since 1946. 

The National Executive

The United Nations Association of New Zealand National Executive meets roughly monthly, to discuss day-to-day running of the organisation and National Office, upcoming events, and payments and accounts.


The National Executive is elected during the yearly Annual General Meeting, at the same time as the National Council. All current financial members of UNA New Zealand are eligible to be elected to a National Executive Position. Nominations are due in the National Office in mid-April every year, after having been signed by the nominee, and two supporters from UNA NZ.


National Executive members are also members of the National Council.




Peter Nichols

National President

Joy Dunsheath, J.P.

Immediate Past-President

Pauline McKay

National Vice President

Dr Kennedy Graham

National Vice President

Dr Clark Ehlers

National Vice President

Arielle Talluha Tracey

National Secretary

Paul Oliver

National Treasurer

Bokyong Mun

National President, UN Youth New Zealand

Brigitte Hicks

Communications Officer

Dr Mere Skerrett

National Council Representative


The National Council

The United Nations Association of New Zealand's main ruling body is the National Council. It has three main roles per the Constitution:

►Governance of the organsiation as a whole
►Policy making body of the organisation
►Coordination and support of our branches

The National Council meets up to four times a year in order to discus and vote on yearly budgets, long-term strategic plans, policies, actions, and upcoming events.

National Council Meeting minutes are available upon request from the Administrative Office, in the National Office: [email protected] The National Council of UNANZ also meets yearly for the Annual General Meeting - usually held in May, in conjunction with the National Conference.

UNANZ elects it's National Council members annually, and all current financial members of UNANZ are eligible to be nominated. Nominations are due four weeks before the AGM, in the National Office. All nomination forms must be signed by the nominee, and two other UNANZ members. 

2017 AGM Minutes

2016 AGM Minutes 

2015 AGM Minutes

2014 AGM Minutes

2013 AGM Minutes

Constitution as at the 2013 AGM

2012 AGM Minutes

2011 AGM Minutes

2010 AGM Minutes

2009 AGM Minutes




Nedra Fu

Ordinary Member of the National Council

Hana Mereraiha White

            Ordinary Member of the National Council

Gracielli Ghizzi-Hall

Ordinary Member of the National Council

John Morgan

Special Officer for Human Rights

Jean-Paul Bizoza

Special Officer for Humanitarian Affairs

Alyn Ware

Special Officer for Peace and Security

Dr Kennedy Graham, M.P.

Special Officer for UN Renewal

Dr Pedram Pirnia 

Special Officer for Sustainable Development

Joy Dunsheath

Special Officer for WFUNA Liaison

Rob Clarke

Special Officer Education

Gary Russell

Presidents, Northern Region Branch

Mano Manohoran

President, Waikato Branch

Dr. Gray Southon

President, Tauranga Branch

Dr. Kate Smith

President, Wanganui Branch

Izolda Kazemzadeh

President, Wellington Branch

Lynette Hardie Wills

President, Canterbury Branch

Bradley MacDonald

Affiliate Representative from Esperanto New Zealand

Izolda Kazemzadeh

Affiliate Representative of the Pan-Pacific South East Asia Women's Association (PPSEAWA)

Paddy Payne

Affiliate Representative from the New Zealand Baha'i Community

Honorary Life Members

 Life members are recommended by the National Council at an Annual General Meeting. Usually these are individuals who have has carried out distinguished service for the United Nations Association of New Zealand, and/or the UN over a period of years. Honorary Life Members are non-voting members of the National Council.

The UNA NZ Constitution states that Life Members do not pay membership fees, may be in attendance at, and receive the papers for, the National Council with speaking rights, but no vote.

Life Members have voting rights at any Special General and Annual General Meetings.


Alyn Ware

Honorary Life Member

Clinton Johnson

Honorary Life Member

Dr Kate Dewes

Honorary Life Member

Mary McGiven

Honorary Life Member

Margaret Knight

Honorary Life Member

Ivan Densem

Honorary Life Member

Gita Brooke 

Honorary Life Member

Rhyl, Lady Jansen

Honorary Life Member

Mary Gray

Honorary Life Member

Colin McGregor

Honorary Life Member

Robin Halliday

Honorary Life Member

Dr Graham Hassall

Honorary Life Member


The United Nations Association of New Zealand runs an internship programmes for students studying at Victoria University to assist in projects that UNA New Zealand is undertaking.