UNANZ New Zealand

2016 National Council Members after the AGM

National Executive
President: Joy Dunsheath
Vice President: Gary Russell
Secretary: Karim Dickie
Treasurer: Paul Oliver
UN Youth President: Bhen Goodsir
National Council Representative: Maria Lopez & Liliana Cocal

National Council Members
Special Officer for  UN Renewal: Dr Kennedy Graham
Special Officer for Humanitarian Affairs: Jean-Paul Bizoza
Special Officer for Peace and Security: Alyn Ware
Special Officer for Human Rights: John Morgan
Special Officer for WFUNA Liaison: Joy Dunsheath
Special Officer for Sustainable Development: Dr Pedram Pirnia
Special Officer for NZ Security Council: Dr Negar Partow
Special Officer for UN Education: Rob Clarke
Ordinary Members of the NC: Nedra Fu
Ordinary Member of the NC: Vicki Soans
Ordinary Member of NC: Dr Cheryl Doig
Ordinary Member of the NC: Gracielli Ghizzi-Hall




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