National Council Meetings

Below is a record of previously held National Council meetings. Click here for the upcoming meeting

National Council Meeting 01 (2017/18) – 7-8 October 2017

The National Council Members met for the first time in the 2017/18 year in October 2017. The meeting agenda is available here. Minutes will be approved at the next council meeting in April 2018 and made public here.  


National Council Meeting 02 (2016/17) – 18–19 March 2017


Special Officer Report for Sustainable Development (2017)
Special Officer Report for Human Rights (2017)
Special Officer Report for Humanitarian Affairs (2017)





UPDATE: Agenda 

Saturday 18th March                                                                


9 AM           Coffee, Tea                                                                                      

9.30 AM       Welcome by Joy Dunsheath and Prayer for Peace – Gary Russell 

                   Apologies (15 mins)                                                                          

9.45 AM       Amendments and Approval of Previous NC Minutes (30 mins)

10.15 AM      Correspondence to National Council (15 mins)

10.30 AM      Constitution updates & a new motion proposed by Rob Clarke (15 mins)


10.45 AM      MORNING BREAK (30 mins)                                                               


11.15 AM      President’s report – Joy Dunsheath (30 mins)                                      

11.45 AM      Treasurer’s report – Paul Oliver (15 mins)                                           

12.00 PM      We the Peoples Foundation Report (15 mins)                                       

12.15 PM      National Council Photo (15 mins) Pedram Pirnia                                   


12.30 PM      LUNCH (45 mins)                                                                              


1.15 PM       Break out sessions – Conference, Rainbow & Common Rooms (45 mins) 

a.   Branch Presidents

b.   Special Officers

c.    Treasurers

d.   Affiliated members 


2 PM            Brief report back to Council (30 mins)

2.30 PM        Special Officer Report Education, including developments with webquest and education portal - Rob Clarke


3 PM            AFTERNOON BREAK (30 mins)


3.30 PM        Reports and Recommendations from Branches (15 mins each)              

a.   Northern - Gary Russell                                                                     

b.   Tauranga – Gray Southon

c.    Wanganui – Kate Smith

d.   Waikato – Mano Manoharan

e.   Wellington – Izolda Kazemzadeh                                                        

f.     Canterbury – Lynette Hardie Wills

       g. UN Youth – Bowen Shi

5 PM            Other Business (15 mins)

5.15 PM        Finish 

5.30 PM         Drinks, networking and dinner at St Andrews


Sunday 19 March                                                                     


9 AM           Coffee, Tea                                                                                      

9.30 AM      Deliberation on three-year Work Programme (45 mins)

●     Governance

●     Research and Public Education

●     Growth and Consolidation

●     UN Reform

●     Networks

●     UN Banner days

  10.15 AM     Discussion about UNA NZ Banner Days – International Day of Peace, UN Day, Human Rights Day (30 mins)


10.45 AM     MORNING BREAK (30 mins)


11.15 AM     Gracielli Ghizzi Hall on Maori/Pasifika Internships (15 mins) 

11.30 AM     Feedback on the UNA NZ Handbook – on screen (30 mins)

12 PM         Refreshed logo/website developments/newsletter/SDG campaign presentation (30 mins)


12.30 PM     LUNCH BREAK (45 mins)


 1.15 PM      Reports and Recommendations from Special Officers cont. (15 mins each)

     a.  Peace and Security – Alyn Ware (via Skype – 6pm NY time)

b.   Human Rights – John Morgan                                                                   

c.    WFUNA Liaison – Joy Dunsheath 

d.   Humanitarian  Jean-Paul Bizoza 

e.   Sustainable Development – Pedram Pirnia 

f.     UN Renewal – Kennedy Graham                                                         


2.45 PM       Conference, Speech Finals & AGM Friday 23 to Sunday 25 June (30 mins)


3.15 PM       AFTERNOON BREAK (30 mins)


3.45 PM       Reports and Recommendations from Affiliates (15 mins each)               

a.   Bahai’i – Paddy Payne                                                                       

b.   PPSEAWA – Izolda                                                                            

c.    UN Women – Barbara Bedeschi 

d.   Esperanto 

e.   AFUNO (as attachment)

f.     Soka Gakkai International (as attachment)

3.50 PM       Other business (10 mins)

    4 PM          End of National Council Meeting



UPDATE: Please register your attendance at the NC meeting HERE



Dear National Council Members,

Save the date

Please save the date. Our first National Council Meeting this year is confirmed for Saturday, 18 March – Sunday, 19 March at St Andrew’s Meeting Centre in Wellington. 

Venue:  St Andrew’s Meeting Centre
30 The Terrace, Wellington 

Date: 18–19 March 2017
Time: Sat 9am–6pm, Sun 9am–4pm

Call for reports

All Branch Presidents, including the UN Youth President, and Special Officers shall submit a report to the National Council as per our Constitution. We also welcome reports from affiliated organisation on activities and possible collaboration. Please submit your reports to [email protected] before Monday, 20 February

Please use our proposed reporting template for Special Officers, Branches and Affiliates. You are welcome to provide feedback on the proposed templates at any time. 

Special Officer Report Template 

Covering the months of xx – xx

·      Recent issues and developments in the special area

·      Recent activites and events 

·      Any extra activities or research published by UNA NZ or others 

·      Looking ahead

Branch Report Template 

Covering the months of xx – xx

·      Brief overview of Branch size and membership 

·      Recent activites and events 

·      Branch News and / or contributions made to the UNA NZ newsettler

·     Looking ahead

·      Branch Committee meetings  

Affiliate Report Template

Covering the months of xx – xx

·      Brief overview of the organisation

·      Recent activities 

·      Contributions made to the UNA NZ newsletter if any (online / print)

·      Possible collaborations with UNA NZ for the coming 3-6 months


National Council Meeting 3 - 12–13 March 2016 in Wellington


Saturday 12 March 2016 – 9:30am to 5pm / Sunday 13 March 2016 – 9.30am to 4pm  

St Andrew’s On The Terrace, Conference Rooms 1 and 2, 30 The Terrace, Wellington


Saturday 12th March. 

09:30AM      Welcome and Apologies. 

9:45 AM     Agenda Review.. 

10.00AM    Deliberation on three-year Work Programme. 

                  A.              Governance. 

                                  National Council 

                                    National office  


                                    Special Officers. 

10.30AM    Morning break. 

                  B.              Research & Education. 

    2016 National Conference (penclled in for July) 

Diplomats Seminar Series. 

    UN Public Education Seminar 

                  C.           Growth and Consolidation. 

                  D.              UN Reform.. 

                  E.              Networks. 

12:30 – 1:30 PM    Lunch Break. 

1:30 – 2:30 pm    Invited Guest speaker 

2:30 pm       Deliberation on three-year Work Programme (continues) 

                  F.               UN Banner Days. 

                  G.              The question of defining ‘Membership’ 

5:00pm          Social time followed by buffet dinner 

Sunday 14 March. 

9:30 AM      Procedures and Processes of the National Council 

10.00AM   Approval of Minutes. 

10.15 AM  Matters arising from the minutes. 

10.30AM    Morning break. 

11:00AM    AGM issues. 

11.20AM   Reports Received. 

12.30PM     Lunch. 

1:30 PM       Intern Programme. 

National Council Meeting - 14-15 November 2015 at Waiheke Island


Agenda (with links to the associated documents)


Saturday 14th November 

Welcome and Apologies.

Procedures and Processes of the National Council 

Amendments and Approval of Minutes from NC 1

I.            Review of Functions of the Council 

II.           Motion: that UNANZ accepts the NC 1 (May 2015) Minutes

III       Matters arising from the minutes: 

Correspondence to National Council 

I Letter from the Office of the Speaker

II Queen's Birthday Honours

 President’s report – Graham Hassall 

Treasurer’s report – Paul Oliver & Financial Position

We the Peoples Trust. & Financial Position

National Council Photo.


Reports and Recommendations.

A. Reports and remits from Branches.

1. Canterbury – Lynette Hardie Wills.

2. Northern – Gary Russell.

3. Tauranga – Gray Southon.

4. UN Youth – Jason Armishaw (Bhen Goodsir attending) (no written report received)

5. Wanganui – Kate Smith. 

6. Wellington – Bal Devgun & Robin Halliday. 

          - Report on Three minutes to Midnight

B. Reports and remits from Groups. 

             Waikato Group – Mano Manoharan.

C. Affiliates Reports.

Soka Gakkai International – Joycelyn Raffile.

Baha'i Community - Paddy Payne

D. Reports and Recommendations from other members of National Council 

1.        Kate Dewes.

2.        John-Paul Bizoza.

3.        Graqcielli Ghizzi-Hall – Programmes Coordinator

E. Reports and Recommendations from Special Officers.

1.     Humanitarian Affairs – Jean Paul Biziza.

2.     Human Rights – John Morgan.

3.     Sustainable Development – Gray Southon.

4.     WFUNA Liaison – Joy Dunsheath.

5.     UN Renewal – Kennedy Graham - No Report received.

6. UN Security Council - Negar Partow.

Deliberation on three-year Work Programme. 

A.      Governance  (see the minutes of the meeting below)

1.       National Council

2.       The operation of the national office.

3.       Finances.

B.       Research & Education.  (see the minutes of the meeting below)

1.           2016 National Conference.

2.           Diplomats Seminar Series.

3.           Global Citizens of the Pacific.

C.         Growth and Consolidation.  (see the minutes of the meeting below)

D.         UN Reform.  (see the minutes of the meeting below)

E.         Networks.  (see the minutes of the meeting below)

F          UN Banner Days.  (see the minutes of the meeting below)


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