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September 2018 e-newsletter 

(correction: this year is the 42nd WFUNA Plenary Assembly, not the 47th as incorrectly stated in the newsletter)

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2018 UNA NZ News

The latest edition of the UNA NZ News includes the Dame Laurie Salas Memorial Lecture, speeches and reflections from our most recent National Conference on the topic of the role of Global Summits in solving global problems, and latest research reports by the UNA NZ. It also highlights some of the work of the wider UN family in NZ. 

2017 UNA NZ News

This newly designed edition includes many thought-provoking articles from the past year, including from our 2017 National Conference and the 30th anniversary celebrations of Nuclear Free New Zealand. This of course coincided with the adoption of a new treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons at the UN.

September 15 - March 2016

April - August 2015

 • National Conference Report, • National AGM Report, • President’s report, • Branch Reports, • Special Officers, • Coming events

November 14 - March 2015

2015 UNANZ Conference, UN Public Education Series, Special Officer: UN Security, Council appointed, Vanuatu Emergency appeal, World Without War conference — call for papers, Min McCully thanks departing (UN) Permanent Representative, UN Update, UN Family meeting, UNANZ 2015 Calendar, President’s Column, Members News , News from around the country, Reports from other National Council Members, SO Humanitarian Affairs, SO Human Rights, SO Peace & Security, SO Sustainable Development, New UNANZ Intern Simon Joxe, News from our Affiliates, Campaign Watch

August - October 2014

 UN Day 2014, UNANZ 2015 diary, UNANZ Diplomatic seminar series, Mews from around the country, Reports from other members of the National Council: Alyn Ware, SO Humanitarian Affairs (Jean-Paul Bizoza), SO Peace & Security (Helena McMullin), SO Human Rights (John Morgan) and SO Model UN Programme (Jonathan Gee), Arms Trade Treaty Model Law, Small Islands Developing States Conference, Report from UNANZ Intern on refugee policy, Member news, Article on the Joint Statement on Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear Weapons.

April - July 2014

2014 National Conference, Secondary Schools Speech Contest, UNANZ Special Officer Roundtable, Adcock memorial dinner, Global Governance, Global Commons & Global Public Goods: The State of Play, UNANZ Annual General Meeting, UNANZ Intern - Tamilla Dauletbayeva, UNFamily - Issues under watch, UN Messenger for Peace visits NZ,
World Environment day, Opening address at UN Youth Model UN, UN DPI/NGO ‘Education for Global Citizenship’, Threats to International Peace & Security: Prevention and Fight against Genocide, UNANZ President’s Column, UN Youth President’s Column, Helen Clark among worlds most powerful women, News from around the country, Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict

January - March 2014

Announcing the 2014 National Conference and the programme, Small Island Developing States Conference
President’s Column - submission to the Foreign Affairs, Defence, and Trade Select Committee, Report by the Special Officer for Peace & Security – Helene McMullin,
Vice President, Robert Mackay, met with Representatives of the Maori King,UN Youth–President’s Report, Wellington Women Walk for Peace, Sir Brian Urquhart–part two

September - December 2013

UN Day reception, UN Secretary General's 2013 UN day address, Working with the UN: Report on presentation by Kate Dewes and Rob Green, UNDP Administrator, Helen Clarke's address to the Annual Policy Lecture on "Conflict and Development: Breaking the cycle of fragility, Violence and Poverty". UNANZ Diary 2014, Tauranga Branch: Reflections on the first 10 years.


June 2013

National Conference Report, AGM report and results, National Council Meeting, Post AGM Branch & Special Officer activities and events, Valuing the UN by Gareth Evans, President's report, Interview with former UN official Sir Brian Urguhart (Part 1), President UN Youth report

March 2013


UNANZ National Conference and AGM, Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination considers report of New Zealand, The UN and sustainability – helping NZ to engage with the global agenda, The myth of nuclear necessity, Outcomes from the National Council meeting in February, Meeting with members of UNA Singapore, Correspondence (affiliates & partners), Constitutional and organisational timeframes

December 2012

UN Day Reception, International Day of Peace in Wanganui Helen Clark on Improving Global Governance: Making Global Institutions fit for purpose in the 21st Century, Biodiversity Convention, Cooperatives have a role to play in driving global economic sustainability, UNANZ Renewable Energy in the Pacific Round Table, UNA Tauranga asks Local MP, the Honorable Simon Bridges, tough questions on NZ’s position on climate change and sustainability and a response by Hon Simon Bridges, Opportunities for global engagement, UN Action on sustainability, WFUNA 40th Plenary, Introduction to UNANZ Special Officer for Humanitarian Affairs.

September 2012

The UN and the Olympic Truce, UN Report on NZ government's performance on social, economic and cultural rights, Who broke the UN? Eliminating the extremes of poverty and wealth, Weathering uncertainty in the Arctic, Sustainability: Rio+20 and beyond, Responding to the two global crises, Five things we've learnt from Rio+20, UN calls for international tax to raise $400 billion to finance development needs, UN regional groupings need to reshuffle the deck, NZ's report to CEDAW. 

June 2012

25 Years of Nuclear Free NZ, Un Rport: NZ Government's performance on economic, social & cultural rights, NZ's Security Council campaign and reform - speech by Hom M McCully, UN Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty, UNANZ seminar on the Social Protection Floor, UNHCR submission on parliament's Immigration (Mass arrivals) Amendment Bill,  RIO+2- - The flavour of the conference and Youth perspective from NZer Brittany Trilford

March 2012

RIO+20 Seminar, UN International Year of Sustainable Energy for All, 25th Anniversary of the Declaration on the Right to Development, YBDP/UNAIDS Meeting at Parliament, UN International Day of Women 2012, The Dag Hammerskjold Symposium on the Responsibility to protect, Beijing.

December 2011

Ban Ki-Moon visits New Zealand, Ban hails Dag Hammerskjold as a conscientious leader of peace, UN & Sustainability, UN Day celebrations, 2012 International year of Cooperatives Launched.

September 2011

Call for the revitalisation of the world's premier organisation (Terence O'Brien), Making a difference:The role of small states at the United Nations (Ambassador Jim McLay), Book launch: the Pacific - Resilient and remembered (Lachlan Mackay), Celebrating the International Year of Cooperatives (Ramsey Margolis).

June 2011

National Conference 2011 Edition, New approach needed to achieve the MDGs (John Hayes), Achieving the MDGa in the Pacific (Tuiloma Neroni Slade), NZ Mfat Aid Programme (Jackie Frizelle)

March 2011

Ban Ki-moon on his Priorities for the UN, Michael Powles on Supporting the UN, National Conference 2011 Programme

November 2010

Report:2010 UN DPI/NGO conference, International Year for Biodiversity, Auckalnd Heritage peace Walk, 2010 United Nations Day report.

July 2010

NPT Conference Report, Achieving the UN Development Goals, Putting the United Nations on the Map, 2010 Conference Report

March 2010

Climate Change: Comments on Copenhagen, Defining a Role for the UN, World Parliament of Religions Summit, National Security

November 2009

World March for Peace and Non-Violence, John Key's speech to the GA, Barack Obama's Speech to the GA, WFUNA Plenary

August 2009

UN Ideas that Changed the World, Obama's Speech to the Muslim World, Eliminating Nuclear Weapons, Afghanistan 

April 2009

Helen Clark: New head of the UNDP, A Nuclear Weapon Free World?, 2009 Year of Reconciliation, Implementing the Responsibility to Protect

February 2009

NCCD Workshop, 10 Reasons to be hopeful about 2009, MFT post-election brief, Early days of UNANZ, The Challenge of President Barack Obama

December 2008

Human Rights Day, UN Successes, Failures, and the need for Reform, GA Debate on Financial Crisis, In Praise of the Potato

September 2008

UNICEF and Family Planning, UNANZ Manifesto, Meet the National Council, Reaffirming Human Rights for All, UN Reform

May 2008

UN Reform - Joan Mosley Address, Free Trade with China, Cluster Munitions Conference, State of the World Series, Youth Declaration


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