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Nagasaki mayor: We must do away with myths and face reality

Aug 10 2011

Tomihisa Taue, Mayor of Nagasaki Mainichi Japan, August 8, 2011   Nagasaki Mayor Tomihisa TaueSince the disaster at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant began, I have wondered constantly, "What mistakes did we make, where did we make them, and why?" I have thought not just about factors directly related to the nuclear plant, such as its location or safety, but also about possible causes in our society or ways of thinking. One of them is the problem of myths. The myth that nuclear plants are completely safe has crumbled because of the Fukushima plant disaster. However, Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been fighting with a different myth for over half a century: that the United States was justified in dropping the atomic bombs because they saved more lives than they took. Journalist Akira Naka shows that this myth is not based in fact in his book "Mokusatsu" (Ignore by silence), but it is nonetheless still vigorously propagated. Even in America, when you present the facts, ...

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