The United Nations Association of New Zealand

The United Nations Association of New Zealand (UNA NZ) is the people's movement for the United Nations in New Zealand. We promote the understanding, education and the engagement of the UN.

The UN brings all cultures and peoples together to address global issues and is becoming increasingly important in determining our future. It promotes world peace, justice and works to eradicate poverty and hunger. The UN still has far to go to achieve its objectives, and we are committed to its improvement. It is imperative that the community is involved in ensuring that the UN is effective.

UNA NZ promotes and supports the aims and objectives of the United Nations. UNA NZ committed to the ideals embodied in the UN Charter, and Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We are a means by which the principles of the UN Charter can be shared widely and its vision realised.

UNA NZ is a national community volunteer organisation, made up of regional branches, a youth association, and affiliates across New Zealand. UNA NZ is also a registered charity, and a member of the World Federation of United Nations Associations. It is a non-government organisation and an approved charity.

Membership is open to members of the public and select community groups and organisations.

For more information about UNA NZ, membership, or questions or comments about the content of this website, please contact the National Office. UNA NZ members are interested in hearing about your efforts to be engaged with or to raise awareness for the United Nations.

UNA NZ is not an agency of the United Nations, but is associated to the Economic and Social Council through its World Federation of United Nations Association, WFUNA.

New Zealand's closest formal United Nations presence is in Canberra, Australia. You can find them here: United Nations Information Centre for Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.   


UNA NZ works to educate New Zealanders about the activities of the United Nations and its agencies. We would also like to bring public attention to New Zealand's involvement, and make more information available about how ordinary New Zealanders can become involved in working with the United Nations. Our current focus is working together with others to raise the importance of finding ways to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, Global Security and UN Renewal.

UNA NZ organises a number of activities, programmes and events throughout the year:

Education Programme

UNA NZ aims to educate New Zealanders about the workings of the United Nations. Our Youth Association, UN Youth New Zealand runs the well established New Zealand Model United Nations programme, holding events at both national and international levels. By role-playing delegations to the UN, students learn about different countries and the complex interactions between national interests.

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Community Engagement

UNA NZ engages members of the public in current UN related issues, presenting key speakers and experts on UN issues. Nationally this includes forums with visiting UN notaries and panel discussions with experts around New Zealand.

Community engagement is continued at a regional level through our branches, who undertake a number of local activities including anything from arts projects to lecture series.

UNA NZ also celebrates special UN related days, such as UN Day, Human Rights Day and Peace Day, and endeavours to keep UN issues before the public.  We also hold occasional Continuing Education classes for the Public on the UN System or the UN Security Council

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National Conference

The National Conference is the premier UNA NZ event which brings together members from our branches to participate in panel discussions, and hear from speakers from throughout the world. The conference also hosts our National Secondary School Speech Awards finals.   

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Becoming Involved in UNA NZ

We welcome participation from anyone who would like to contribute towards our aims, whatever your interests and skills may be. UNA NZ membership is organised into regional branches. We also have a youth association - for students and members under 25 - and a number of affiliated organisations across New Zealand.

There are many ways you can be involved, from taking on an active role to being a member and occasional supporter. If you would like to volunteer your time and skills to UNA NZ, becoming involved in our regional branches is a great place to start.

Joining UNANZ is easy! Contact the National Office, or download a copy of our membership form.  


UNA NZ came into existence shortly after the United Nations was created in late 1945, and is formally associated with the UN Department of Public Information.

Before 1945, the organisation in New Zealand was known as the League of Nations Union New Zealand which was founded in 1922 and was a branch of the League of Nations the international predecessor of the United Nations.

Throughout the history of both the LONU NZ and UNA NZ many nationally respected and known public figures were involved at a national council and executive level including Prime Ministers Nash, Holyoake, Coates, Forbes, Savage and Fraser, MP Sir Apirana Ngata, Wife of Sir Maui Pomare Lady Pomare, Wellington Mayor Sir James Belich, Justice O'Regan, Church Leader Thomas C. Brash, Church Leader Rev P. Gladstone Hughes, His Lordship Archbishop Holland and His Grace Archbishop O'Shea to name a few.

Today UNA NZ is a member of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA). This provides us with links to other United Nations Associations throughout the world, and helps us to keep up-to-date with UNA activities around the world. 

The President of WFUNA is Ambassador Park, Soo Gil, former Ambassador for Korea to the European Office of the United Nations in Geneva. His predecessors include Dr. Hans Blix, former foreign minister of Sweden, and Rhyl Lady Jansen, former National President of UNA NZ.

UNA NZ is also currently supported by The We the Peoples Foundation. This trust is working to grow a capital base for the organisation.Established in 2002, it exists to assist the funding of the operations and activities of UN ANZ. 

About the We the People's Foundation

The Foundation was established in June 2002 to assist in funding the operations and activities of UNA NZ. The trustees of this foundation currently are Pamela Jefferies, John Hayes,  Paul Oliver and Joy Dunsheath (UNA NZ President - non-voting). 


Donations and Bequests

Anyone who would like to make a donation or bequest for the benefit of UNA NZ should consider contacting the Foundation.

UNA NZ National Office can provide contact details for The We The Peoples Foundation.

Further Information

If you would like more information about UNA NZ, please contact the National Office.

Our office is usually attended on Mon, Tue & Thu from 10am to 2pm - our National Administrator is Ronja Ievers

Societies Registration No.: 215914

Charities Commission Registration: CC 38918

GST No.: 10-664-373


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