Submissions and Reports

On this page you can find our latest reports covering a range of relevant topics for New Zealand and the UN. You also find our latest submissions to the NZ government and the UN.

Internship Reports

How can the consideration of sexuality and gender diversity improve outcomes in the SDGs and for queer communities in Aotearoa-New Zealand? (pdf) - author Stella Ivory (April 2018)

Abstract: In the year of the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, this report considers what more needs to  be done to ensure more inclusive development. Despite the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promising a fairer future for the most marginalised groups in society, the goals contain nothing which pertain to people with diverse sexual orientation or gender identity ('queer' herein). A report from the Institute of Development Studies by Elizabeth Mills suggests that this omission further marginalises queer populations and therefore also limits the aspirations of the SDGs. To achieve the SDGs in Aotearoa context, we therefore need to consider the experiences of queer communities within our interpretations of the SDGs.


Indigenous Tourism in Aotearoa – an introductory exploration of Maori tourism and Manaakitanga (pdf) – author Arielle Tracey (March 2018)

Abstract: In 2017 we marked not only International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development but also International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. With the World indigenous Tourism Summit being held in New Zealand this year, it is timely that we focus upon Maori tourism in Aotearoa. This internship report was produced for the UNA NZ by Arielle Tracey, and we congratulate her on this superb essay.


Ki roto i te ngahere: reducing inequalities for rangatahi maori is a national imperative (pdf) - authors Liletina Vaka and Kahu Kutia (June 2017)

Abstract: Presented by Liletina Vaka and Kahu Kutia, and with the guidance of other Māori students in Wellington, this presentation will explore in some detail the social landscape of Aotearoa for young Māori. We will use the framework of the ‘ngahere’, a symbiotic system of relationships to understand the guide questions. What are the rights of a young Māori person in Aotearoa? And how can we sustainably develop their future? We will be exploring the politics of identity and recognition, the current state of progress, and the need for spaces that are autonomous and indigenous.


Piracy and Security in Somalia (pdf) - author Imogen McIvor (Nov 2016 - Feb 2017)

Abstract: My report focuses on how the United Nations has responded to piracy as well as the efforts made by the Somali Government to tackle the root causes. I briefly mention the role New Zealand has taken against piracy, especially during their time on the UN Security Council. However, I do not go into significant detail about the initiatives taken by other individual states and instead briefly outline their naval responses. Furthermore, this report is an introduction to the history of the Somali Civil War and how the economic and political issues of this time caused an increase in piracy. Finally, this report acknowledges the challenges to the international community and Somali Government in reducing piracy but it also outlines various suggestions on how it might be tackled.



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