UNA News is our annual publication and includes latest reports from our branches, national activities and events and updates from the wider UN family both in New Zealand and internationally. We are always more than pleased to accept relevant submissions for publication. Please contact the National Office for submission deadlines, and guidelines.

UNA NZ News 2020-21 

The latest edition of the UNA NZ News includes a conference feature, reflections on several events run throughout the year, summaries of key projects such as the book 'A Seat at the Table' and a discussion paper on UN renewal. This edition also includes several research articles, intern reports and an introduction from our new branch. 

Download 2020-21 issue.

2019 UNA NZ News

The latest edition of the UNA NZ News includes a conference feature, internship reports and an explanation of how the UN is funded. It also includes discussion of key human rights issues and a recount of UNA NZ's involvement in the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. 

Download 2019 issue.

2018 UNA NZ News

The latest edition of the UNA NZ News includes the Dame Laurie Salas Memorial Lecture, speeches and reflections from our most recent National Conference on the topic of the role of Global Summits in solving global problems, and latest research reports by the UNA NZ. It also highlights some of the work of the wider UN family in NZ.


Download 2018 issue



2017 UNA News

This newly designed edition includes many thought-provoking articles from the past year, including from our 2017 National Conference and the 30th anniversary celebrations of Nuclear Free New Zealand. This of course coincided with the adoption of a new treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons at the UN.

Download 2017 issue


In addition to our annual publication, we produce a monthly electronic newsletter using mailchimp and you can take a look through our latest editions by following this link.

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