Our Branches

The United Nations Association is a national organisation made up of volunteers and members across the country. Membership is separated into regional branches, which organise and run local events, seminars, and projects.

If you are looking to become involved in UNA NZ, or volunteer your time, regional branches are an excellent place to start. Members under the age of 25 have the option of joining our Youth Association. Visit the Membership page for more information about joining. Our branches span from the Northern Region, Tauranga (Group), Waikato (Group), Whanganui, Wellington and Canterbury.

If you want to find out more about recent and upcoming Branch activities, please read the latest branch report submitted to the National Council, and browse our news and events page.


Northern Region

The Northern Region Branch spans the Auckland Suburbs, and is one of UNA New Zealand's larger branches.

Branch President 

Steven Arnold


[email protected] 
Treasurer Steven Arnold [email protected]



Waikato Region

Waikato Region is one of the Association's groups. We have a strong focus on working with secondary school students for speech awards, and Model UN events in the area.

President  Mano Manoharan

[email protected]

Secretary Linda Holmes  



Tauranga Region

The Tauranga Region Branch is extremely active, with a strong leadership and support base.

Branch President  Doug Barnes [email protected]
Immediate past President Dr. Gray Southon  



Whanganui Region

Whanganui Branch of the United Nations Association is an active branch that loves to get involved in community events - especially those that promote peace.

Branch President  Kate Smith [email protected]



Manawatu Region

The Manawatu branch was established in late 2020. It has a youthful membership with a focus on the SDGs and connecting the region to the world.

Branch President  Monique Corson  [email protected]
Vice President Olivia Mayo  
Treasurer George Ervine  
Secretary Nikita Skipper  



Wellington Region

Wellington Branch is one of the biggest branches. We have a real advantage, being located in the political, and international relations hub of New Zealand, meaning we have access to a whole pool of amazing guest speakers.

Branch President  Pat Metham [email protected]
Immediate Past President Martine Udahemuka  
Treasurer Peter Cowley  



Canterbury Region

Until 2022 the Canterbury branch was our only branch in the south island. It undertakes a range of activities especially in education.

President  Dr Priya Siga [email protected]
Vice President Lynnette Hardie Willis  
Immediate Past President Pauline McKay  
Board Secretary    


Otago Region

The Otago Region branch was constituted in April 2022 and brings a new presence to the south island.

President  Ruth Groffman  

Ruth Groffman

Secretary Jane Watson  
Youth Representative Vacant  


UN Youth New Zealand

UN Youth New Zealand is the youth arm of the UN Association of New Zealand.

Established in 1999, UN Youth aims to inspire global citizens through its Model UN and educational programmes. Young people are educated about the processes and values of the UN while also engaging with like-minded peers and learning to express themselves. With regions in Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago, around 1000 high school and university students will participate in a UN Youth event each year.

UN Youth membership is free for students, teachers and young people under the age of 25 or studying full-time at university. Please visit the UN Youth website, join their facebook group and register online for free membership.