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5 February 2021



Job Description

UNANZ Events Officer 


About us

The United Nations Association of New Zealand (UNA NZ) is a national community organisation and a registered charity. It is made up of a number of regional branches, an independent youth association (UN Youth New Zealand) and affiliates across New Zealand. UNA NZ was founded shortly after the United Nations itself in 1945, and is formally associated with the UN Department of Public Information. UNA NZ is committed to the ideals embodied in the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the crucial role of the UN at the centre of multilateral cooperation to promote world peace and justice, and to eradicate poverty and hunger. We recognise that the UN has far to go to achieve its objectives, and are committed to its improvement. We work in a variety of ways to highlight the importance of the UN, and to engender the skills within our young people to cope with this extraordinarily challenging international environment. We educate New Zealanders about the activities of the UN and its agencies, New Zealand’s involvement, and how to get involved. Our current focus is working together with others to raise the importance of finding ways to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, Global Security and UN Renewal.

You can found out more about our specific activities here: 



A large part of UNA NZ’s work is organising events that promote engagement with and education about the United Nations. Our key events include UN Day, our AGM and our conference. UNA NZ also regularly holds lectures, seminars and other events. These are very valuable to our work. Many engage ministers, diplomats and other important actors. 

Specific Duties 

The events officer works to get speakers and liaises with them, arranges venues and run sheets, works with the communications officer to promote events and manages attendees and other operational activity. The events officer is supported by the President, National Administrator, Communications officer and other members of the National Executive 

We are hoping to have 2 people in this role, one who will organise 1-2 flagship events each year such as UN day and Human Rights day. While this is only a few events a year, these tasks are a large undertaking with substantial numbers of people and the organiser must be highly capable. The second events officer will organise more frequent but smaller events such as panel discussion based on relevant topics.

Candidate attributes

  • Lives in Wellington 
  • Experience organising events 
  • Self-starter and self-sufficient 
  • Confident using google drive/similar 
  • Confident sticking to a budget or sourcing sponsorship/services in kind 
  • Team work and communication skills

To apply:

Please email your CV to [email protected]

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