Our response to COVID-19

25 March 2020

To our members, supporters, volunteers and friends, 


We are wishing you safety and calm during this unprecedented and uncertain time. 


At all steps in this process, as we have been doing as an organisation ourselves, we wish to remind and encourage everyone to adhere strictly to the government guidelines and requirements. 


Over the last few weeks we developed a COVID19 response policy and prepared our organisation for several scenarios. This means that while many of our events and projects have been cancelled, postponed or put on hold we are keeping our organisation running as normally as possible in different ways over the coming weeks. 


We will continue the operation of our organisation and utilise technology to work out different ways of doing our key projects. During this time we will also focus on providing up to date information about the United Nations response to COVID-19 and sharing practical fact based information. 


We have Special Officers across many areas who continue to produce high quality reports and publications on a range of UN related topics. We will continue to produce and share these in our mission to promote engagement with the UN.

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