Voluntary Design Intern - Call for applications

2 February 2021




Job Description

UNANZ Design Intern 2021

Part-time, 3 months, unpaid


About us

The United Nations Association of New Zealand (UNA NZ) is a national community organisation and a registered charity. It is made up of a number of regional branches, an independent youth association (UN Youth New Zealand) and affiliates across New Zealand. UNA NZ was founded shortly after the United Nations itself in 1945, and is formally associated with the UN Department of Public Information. UNA NZ is committed to the ideals embodied in the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the crucial role of the UN at the centre of multilateral cooperation to promote world peace and justice, and to eradicate poverty and hunger. We recognise that the UN has far to go to achieve its objectives, and are committed to its improvement. We work in a variety of ways to highlight the importance of the UN, and to engender the skills within our young people to cope with this extraordinarily challenging international environment. We educate New Zealanders about the activities of the UN and its agencies, New Zealand’s involvement, and how to get involved. Our current focus is working together with others to raise the importance of finding ways to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, Global Security and UN Renewal.

You can found out more about our specific activities here: 




Each year around April UNA NZ launches its annual publication (online and in print). This a flagship work programme containing pieces of relevant academic research and commentary from our subject matter experts and a review of our events and key projects for the year. Like the UNA NZ’s broader goals its focus is to promote engagement with the United Nations and its key issues and pieces of work. We need a part-time design intern for approximately 3 months between (late January - late April) to assist us in pulling together the magazine. This position like all in our organisation (barring the role of Executive Officer/National Administrator) is unpaid. The hours of this role are flexible and the workload per week can vary to fit with your requirements. You will suitably be acknowledged in the publication for your significant contribution. You will also have the opportunity to engage in UNA NZ’s broader work such as events at the New Zealand Parliament and engagements with diplomats. We provide reference letters and completion certificates to interns where appropriate. 


Specific Duties 

The Executive Officer is working with UNA NZ members, affiliate organisations and National Council to draft, proofread and compile relevant articles, photos and logos to be included in the publication. The design intern would then have to take these materials and create a professional, on-brand document ready for publication. Working flexibly week to week but with a hard deadline in April, the design intern would be responsible for (with the guidance of the Executive Officer and where relevant members of the National Executive (one of UNA NZ’s governance bodies):

  • Using InDesign or similar tools to take the articles and photographs and compile these into a publishable format 
  • Selecting the most suitable images from those provided by the Executive Officer
  • Ensuring the publication format is suitable for print 
  • Designing a suitable cover for the publication
  • Ensuring the publications fonts, imagery and colouring are all aligned with UNA NZ brand identity sheet 
  • Incorporating the advice of the Executive Officer and the National Executive for minor revisions such as font size, article layout, photo placement or page order. 


You can view the 2019 publication here (published in 2020): https://www.unanz.org.nz/assets/43c8d5ecf7/FINAL-UNA-NZ-NEWS-2019.pdf 


Candidate attributes


  • Know how to use InDesign or similar tools 
  • Are equipped at working independently and remotely (UNA NZ’s national office is only staffed 10 hours a week, that being said, we can provide a place for you to work (during any business hours) and will undertake every endeavour to support you)
  • Have your own laptop and suitable licencing or programs (as a small NGO UNA NZ is not in a position to supply these items)
  • Can both interpret and communicate the needs, wants and restrictions of design to  non-technical people such as UNA NZ’s governance body 
  • A passion for the goals of the United Nations, the Human Rights Charter and the sustainable development goals and seeing them recognised to their full potential within New Zealand
  • Familiarity with Google Drive



  • Knowledge of the United Nations system, international relations and UNA NZ’s target audience 
  • Have or are undertaking a degree in Design, Visual Design Communication or similar
  • Wellington-based


To apply:

Please email your CV and at least one piece of example work to [email protected]

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