Our 5 day campaign to mark the 5th anniversary of the SDGs

7 September 2020

Marking the 5th birthday of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – a 5 day campaign.


On Friday 25th September it will be 5 years since the leaders of the world committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



To mark this event the United Nations Association of New Zealand are hosting a 5 day campaign from Monday 21 September - Friday 25 September.


The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of, encourage engagement with and celebrate progress already made towards, the Sustainable Development Goals. 



Each day has a focus, resources and a call to action. Each day and the relevant resources and activities are explained in more detail below. 


The campaign will culminate in a panel event on Friday 25th September hosted at the Victoria University of Wellington School of Governance.


The event seeks to connect those who have worked towards the sustainable development goals or have recently been inspired into action. There will be a panel event with those who have engaged with the Sustainable Development Goals in a variety of ways, this includes, through business, academia and policy.


We would love to see you engage with, share and support this campaign in any of the ways below.


Nau mai haere mai!






Share the People's Report on the Sustainable Development Goals to get people understanding how the SDGs are being achieved in NZ. Email someone who can take action on any gaps identified in the report. Read some inspiring case studies and be inspired into action.


A copy of The People’s Report on the Sustainable Development Goals can be accessed here.


How to share:

Email the report to your local MP and ask what they are doing to fill the gaps identified - find your MP and email them here.


Share it to your social media. Here are some ideas for how to caption your post:

“The peoples report draws on tangata whenua, communities and organisations diverse insights and expertise through a national survey, interviews, available data and existing reports. It provides a range of views about Aotearoa New Zealand’s progress on the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Check it out here: https://www.sdg.org.nz/peoples-report/

“The Peoples Report on the Sustainable Development Goals measures what progress we have made towards the SDG’s and how far we have to go. Read more here: https://www.sdg.org.nz/peoples-report/

“How do we ensure ‘no one is left behind’ as we work towards the SDGs? Using data, interviews, surveys and existing reports the Peoples Report on the Sustainable Development Goals provides 39 recommendations. Read it here: https://www.sdg.org.nz/peoples-report/



Share one of the case studies 


Kaibosh case study- share in your organisation to ask what is done about food waste at work events.


Kaibosh is Aotearoa New Zealand’s first food recue organisation. Providing the link between the food industry and those that support people in need. Read the full case study on page 28 of the report.



‘The missing SDG- Youth’ Share this case study on polyfest and read more about how young people are achieving the sustainable development goals from page 126 of the report. Perhaps share to a community organisation you are involved in and ask how they are engaging youth in their sustainability planning.





Share the United Nations policy briefs and SDG hub interactive data to those in the public service, the private sector and the advocacy and community sector and ensure their COVID19 recovery progresses the goals.



All the policy briefs can be accessed here. The SDG hub interactive data model on New Zealand’s SDG performance can be accessed here.


How to share:

Email the report to your local MP and ask what they are doing to fill the gaps identified - find your MP and email them here.


Share it to your social media - Use it in your organisation -  Know someone who works in central or local government? Send them the data tool and encourage them to use it





Share the SDG you care about most!



While all the SDGs are interlinked and as equally as important we all have one that we identify with most. 



Here are some ideas:

  • Talk about the SDG at your office morning tea
  • Wear a shirt the same colour as your top SDG every time someone comments on it explain why you are wearing it
  • Share your top SDG on social media
  • Change your email signature for the day to help bring attention to the SDG most important to you
  • Register to attend our panel event on Friday 25th September- invite a friend and let them know which SDG you’re most excited to hear about [link to tickets]





Contribute to our photo exhibition by taking a picture that reflects the SDG that is most important to you or you think embodies the SDGs more generally!



Post it on social media or email it to us at [email protected]

  • Post it on social media OR email it to us at [email protected]
  • We will be resharing entries across our channels
  • At our panel event on the 25th September we will showcase the best entries



Here are some tips:


  • If posting on social media make sure to tag us
  • Explain to people why you are sharing
  • Use the hashtags #UN75 #SDG #UN
  • Tag 3 friends or colleagues and nominate them to share too






Complete the UN @75 survey – 2020 marks 75 years since the creation of the United Nations covid is a stark reminder of the need for international cooperation.




Complete this survey to have your say on what matters to you, what the UN should focus on, how it can improve and what it means to you.






VISIT https://un75.online/ TO HAVE YOUR SAY








To celebrate the 5th Birthday of the SDGs we are bringing together a panel featuring a variety of speakers who have been working towards realising, researching or monitoring the progress of the SDGs across a variety of sectors.


Rutherford House Lecture theatre 1 (RHLT1) at the Victoria University of Wellington School of Governance

Friday 25 September



 Matt Dagger – Kaibosh and NZ food waste champions 12.3

Christian Schott – Associate Professor Victoria University

More panellists to be confirmed.



Whether you have been working towards the SDG’s for a while, recently been inspired into action or want to learn more then you are welcome to join.





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