Press release re Afghanistan

30 August 2021


Press release - 

UNA NZ expresses its deep concern over Afghanistan 


29 August 2021



NEW ZEALAND, 27 August 2021 - Recently, after the Taliban have again taken control of Afghanistan, the situation is rapidly deteriorating. Taliban call working-women in Afghanistan to stay at home. The United Nations (UN) has highlighted before ‘credible’ reports of abuses by the Taliban, notably restrictions on women. The UN also received reports of the recruitment of child soldiers and summary executions by the Taliban. Unprovoked attacks on civilians are reported, which could amount to crimes against humanity. That led to large-scale displacement amid what is now turning into a humanitarian emergency. The UN reports also said that over 18 million people require aid and half of all children under five suffer acute malnutrition. Moreover, Afghans face an economy on the brink of collapse, which threatens to worsen this current crisis.


The United Nations Association of New Zealand (UNA NZ) affirms its condemnation of terrorism and attacks against civilians, and also condemns on bombings at Kabul airport, which killed dozens. UNA NZ also expresses concern over women's and children's rights and calls for respect of human rights and international commitments. UNA NZ calls upon the international community to assist Afghanistan in the restoration of lasting peace and not to spare any effort to ensure its safety in this humanitarian crisis.


UNA NZ supports the use of the United Nations system to call for the respect of human rights. UNA NZ confirms on the UN Human Rights High Commissioner words regarding the situation in Afghanistan that women's rights are a ‘fundamental red line’. UNA NZ also supports the call of the UN chief to the permanent Security Council for a meeting on Afghanistan to discuss the chaotic situation there. 


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