Press release 5 March 2020

4 March 2020

The Editor                                                                                                                                                                               5 March 2020

Dominion Post


Tēnā koe

We would be grateful if you publish as a ‘Letter to the editor’:


We note a statement made against the United Nations by Destiny Church leader, Bishop Brian Tamaki in the Dominion Post 2 March 2020 in which he blamed Satanic airborne demons for the coronavirus 'COVID-19'. In the article, he accused the United Nations of manipulating pandemics ‘to control people’. This is an absurd allegation and is totally against the tenor of the UN Charter which is founded on peace and human rights.


Indeed, the unfounded allegation undermines the vital work of the United Nations to alleviate COVID-19 and control other transmissible diseases, as well as addressing other critical humanitarian issues. For example, the UN provides vaccines for 45% of the world’s children saving over 3 million lives a year; it helps to protect 60 million refugees; and works with 195 nations to keep climate change under 2C, amongst many other good works.


Mr Tamaki is entitled to his religious views. But we should follow public health advice. The United Nations is focused on a proportionate response to the virus based on expert evidence. The WHO (World Health Organisation) is explicitly working with clinicians to understand the clinical presentation and treatment interventions for COVID-19. WHO has also published interim clinical guidance, clinical training materials, and has launched a platform to improve care for COVID-19 patients. This information is critical to inform the public health response. See:


Peter Nichols, National President, UN Association of NZ


Thank you

Nāku noa, nā 



Peter Nichols

National President                   

A pdf copy of this press release can be found here.

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