UNA NZ supports Prime Minister Ardern’s condemnation of Russian action in Ukraine

28 September 2022

UNA NZ supports Prime Minister Ardern’s condemnation of Russian action in Ukraine

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says New Zealand will remain strong in its condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Ardern’s comments come amongst Russia’s recent escalations in the Ukraine war, including the threat to use nuclear weapons, and the mobilisation of 300,000 military reservists.

New Zealand has always stood "firmly against the escalation of this invasion" Ardern said. 

As well as travel bans and export bans on anything that could support the military operation, Ardern has sought advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about what more can be done around potential investment from Russia into New Zealand. New Zealand is also looking at supporting humanitarian efforts now heading to Ukraine and around the region to help those caught up in the attack. New Zealand’s refugee quota has also been extended. 

During her trip to New York to meet with the UN General Assembly last week, Ardern also sat down with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal. 

Passing on the condolences of New Zealanders, Ardern said, "New Zealand will continue to work alongside you".

Shmyhal said he was "deeply grateful" for New Zealand's support. "I hope that we will meet next time in a free, liberated Ukraine - a peaceful Ukraine without war."

UNA NZ supports Ardern’s ongoing condemnation of Russia’s actions in Ukraine. 

"Let's stop this agony in Ukraine", said Joy Dunsheath, UNA NZ Former President and WFUNA Executive Committee (Geneva).  Dunsheath continued, "The invasion by Russia has caused misery for civilians and I think particularly of the suffering of children. We urge the United Nations to continue to condemn Russia's invasion and take positive action to support the independence and freedom of Ukraine."

Gaya Paranisamy, President of UNA NZ, also strongly echoes the Prime Minister’s statement in condemning the threat of using nuclear weapons. “The war has not only affected the civilians of Ukraine but also the civilians in Russia and others around the world. Food insecurity and the number of refugees in need of humanitarian assistance has increased globally, affecting many vulnerable people. By all means, this war must come to an end.”

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