Wellington branch member Annie Wu reflects on recent events

22 July 2021

NZ’s Maritime Security: Interests, Challenges and Strategy Symposium


This symposium was held on 17 June 2021 at InterContinental Hotel. I had attended to this event as the committee member of Wellington Branch of UNANZ. This event was organised by the Centre for Strategic Studies jointly supported byVictoria University of Wellington with many central and important government agencies sponsors, including Ministry of Transport, Department of the Prime Minster and Cabinet, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs &Trade. 


This symposium covered a wide range of topics, such as the security of ocean borders, the impact on the sea level rise and biodiversity from climate change, the stabilities of maritime zones based on UNCLOS rules, and the measurements, policies for responding to the overseas vessels entering NZ and the borders control under the rules of Covid-19, with professional and prestige speakers and experts from universities, Ministries and government departments. There were very high levels of discussions. A large number of groups of people from government departments and Parliament participated in this symposium.  


At the symposium, it was wonderful I had met and communicated with Prof David Capie, HE Mr Jesus Domingo, the Philippines Ambassador to NZ, Mr Isamu Azechi, the First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan and Dr Rory from NZ Defence Force. Through conversation with them, I had opportunities to develop and build friendly and kind relationships with them, let them get to know UNANZ. 

The government agencies worked together to issue a document-Maritime Security Strategy: Guardianship Of Aotearoa NZ’s Maritime Waters. This is an informative and constructive official paper. It consists three Parts: the Strategic Context, our Vision & Approach and Delivering Our Approach. This document was contributed by a wide range of Ministries too, such as Ministry of Transport and Foreign Affairs & Trade. 


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  Annie Wu





Beehive to Business with Hon. Chris Hipkins 


On 23 June 2021, I attended to the event of Beehive to Business with Hon. Chris Hipkins was arranged by Wellington Chamber of Commerce at the PwC Centre. There were Ambassadors from Embassies participated in this event too. The Minister mainly discussed and explained the government policy of Covid-19: Elimination Strategy for NZ. He provided examples of how the government effectively responded to and tackle identified confirmed cases from overseas entering to NZ, and also the measurements of boarder controlling. The Minister also explained the policy of Covid-19: the Vaccine Rollout and the progress of vaccinated of Group 1, 2 &3. The government expected fully vaccinated by the end of the year. 


I am proud of having a one on one conversation with Chris Hipkins as a teacher with the Minister of Education. We communicated how the government supported children with remote learning and in poverty to pass and achieve NCEA during lockdown. When I joined in the social networking, I met HE Mr Michael Winzap, the Ambassador of Switzerland to NZ. I introduced UNANZ to him and had a conversation with him to try to build a connection.

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Annie Wu

Committee member of the Wellington Branch of UNANZ

Committee member of the Wellington Branch of UNANZ  


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