SDGs and the post COVID-19 economy - speaker power point slides

20 May 2020

Thank you to all those who joined our popular webinar on SDGs and the post covid-19 economy. 


At this important socio-economic discussion point, the United Nations Association of New Zealand has decided to contribute with educating the nation, seeking which strategies have been proposed by the United Nations that could practice succeeding the challenges at this turning point.  


The powerpoint presentations of our speakers are accessible below.

Dr Stefanos Fotiou - Getting Back Better: Protecting biodiversity and supporting climate action through economic stimulus

Professor Girol Karacaoglu - The 2030 agenda and SDGs and reshaping the economic governance 

Ned Clarence-Smith - Sustainable Consumption and Production


Dr Mia Mikic - Reshaping the Regional Integration, investments, and trading supporting the Sustainable Development


A recording is available here:



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